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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cookbook Corner: Chef Anne Burrell - Cook Like a Rock Star

We first saw Chef Anne Burrell as the spikey haired blonde backing up Iron Chef Mario Batali back in the early days of Iron Chef.  What you might not know is she isn’ t just a pretty face, she has her degree from the Culinary Institute of America and if that wasn’t enough and she did a stint at a culinary school in Italy.  Food is her passion and being a celebrity chef was not her initail dream, it was about the food.  Her commitment to work harder than any guy, stay later and be better than anyone has taken her far.

Her  book Cook Like a Rock Star takes her vibrant energy you see on her Food Network shows  Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and as co-host of the primetime hit Worst Cooks in America and puts that in your own private tome.  Chef Burrell emphasizes the need to read your recipes thoroughly before starting and I always say read it three times.

Read the full story, enter contest to win a copy,  and  check out Chef Burrell's live appearances nationwide.HERE.

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