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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little something on the side - 4 side dish recipes for your Thanksgiving table

Wild mushroom and spinach saute
Thanksgiving is such a joyous holiday in my mind. It is about the bounty of the harvest, about people sharing what foods that represent their heritage and of course the turkey.  In recent cooking classes that I attended, each shared their recipe of a turkey roulade, one with a forcemeat stuffing and the other with a chestnut and bread stuffing. A whole turkey can be daunting to some. For me, I’ve given up on cooking a whole turkey and just do the turkey breast because my family members only eat the white meat.

Tante Marie Cooking School has a video out about cooking a f**king turkey.

Get the recipes, watch the video: A little something on the side – four side dish recipes for your table

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