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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Whet your appetite with Chef the film

Actor, writer, producer Jon Favreau known for numerous films including Iron Man has created a movie focused on a chef’s life simply called Chef. Co-producer, technical advisor and instructor Chef Roy Choi of the Kogi Food Truck culinary empire insisted on a realistic presentation of a chef’s life in the kitchen on the screen. Favreau, per Choi, was a sponge for learning techniques and did his due diligence as a short term student at culinary school and stagiaire in Choi’s Sunny Spot restaurant.

There is no denying that to be a chef takes a very special dedication, passion…real passion. A burn, a cut doesn’t stop a chef in the kitchen, they continue on. A number of years ago in a cooking class in a restaurant kitchen the chef intent on what he was teaching got distracted and ended up pouring boiling water over his hand. There was a student who was a nurse who offered to do first aid, but no he continued to teach the class. A burn, a cut doesn’t stop real chefs, they are unwavering these men and women behind the line. This brings up a personal peeve, the lack of women in the movie’s restaurant kitchen which was staffed male cooks Martin (John Leguizamo) and Tony (Bobby Cannavale).

Watch the trailer, get the full review and enjoy the slideshow HERE.

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