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Monday, July 21, 2014

Slow Down: Tales of Dorchester County

Crab Trio - Old Salty's, Hoopers Island
A recent trip to the often overlooked, driven through Dorchester County unveiled numerous stories of land and waterways; generations of watermen and farmers, a revitalized community and rich history. Other than a pit-stop, fast food quick bite on the go or picking up produce at a farm stand most travelers to Maryland’s eastern shore drive through Dorchester County on their way to Ocean City.  My advice, slow down – take time to partake of all the entire county is offering.  

From my first morning’s stop at the new Cambridge bakery Elliott’s Baking Company to my final stop at Layton’s Chance Vineyards and Winery in Vienna the day after, a few things were crystal clear; two days were insufficient to encompass everything that should be seen and enjoyed in Dorchester County. And the sense of community and working together with the folks I met was preeminent. 

Check out the slideshow and full story HERE.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend trip! We are always in such a hurry to get to OC, that we rarely stop for more than a bathroom break and a refill on water.


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