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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Get out your mother of pearl spoon: National Caviar Day is here.

photograph courtesy of Paramount Caviar
Today, Saturday, July 18th, is National Caviar Day and for those discerning tastes who relish and appreciate these tiny morsels from the seas it is cause for celebration.  I’ve put on my party hat, chilled champagne and readied my mother of pearl caviar tasting spoon.  I’ve been known to go basic with a spoonful on the back of my hand. Caviar etiquette says it is poor form to do more than two spoonfuls – it is not meant to be a meal –  doesn’t mean these are words I live by.

Caviar, and it come from numerous species of fish, each has its own distinguishable flavor profiles – nutty, fruity, briny – small and large eggs – from dark black to bright orange. Many of you have eaten it on sushi, tobiko, flying fish roe, but there is so much more. Read the complete story at

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