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Monday, April 15, 2013

Top items patrons steal from restaurants

What do you think the items are? From speaking to numerous chefs and restaurant owners from around the country and Canada nothing is sacred or safe. There are dining room sticky fingered guests and the patrons who like to pilfer out-of-plain sight from the bathrooms.

The dining room thieves are probably the most adventurous although there was one daring bathroom thief whose story was told by Chef/Owner Christopher Prosperi of Metro Bis Restaurant in Connecticut. Chef Prosperi responded to my inquiry, “The best story I ever heard was a restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. A guest came to the restaurant in the middle of a packed Saturday night with a solid plan. He packed a bag of tools and some spare parts, and then headed to the restroom. During full dinner service, while pretending to repair the sink, he carefully removed the faucet, placed it in a tool box and replaced it with a cheaper Home Depot version. Then he walked out the door.”

Read the full story and watch the slideshow HERE

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