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Friday, November 15, 2013

Royale with Beer football team creates Locust Point pub crawl to benefit baby Olivia

Touch football team Royale with Beer, a play on Pulp Fiction’s name for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder on Cheese in France called a Royale with cheese, epitomizes working as team. When their teammate, Marcus Blair, learned his baby Oliva was ill, teammates rallied to create a fundraiser. That is what one calls teamwork.
Team member Marcus Blair and his wife Kelly,, have the American dream; a loving marriage, a new home and baby girl named Oliva. One and a half year old Olivia, recently diagnosed with leukemia has a very good chance at a full, normal life but she has a few years of treatment ahead of her. As you can imagine this puts a strain on that American dream; emotionally, physically and financially and that is why Royale with Beer has created fundraising bar crawl through Locust Point.
Get the full details here for the pub crawl and where you can donate HERE

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