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Friday, September 26, 2014

Enjoy fine dining at Bistro Poplar: Tales of Dorchester County

As a guest of Dorchester County this summer I spent two days with my agenda packed with the county’s offerings; dining, aquaculture, shopping, music, an evening’s stay at a bed and breakfast, vineyard tour to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.  No one story can encompass, nor should it, all that there is to do and enjoy in this Maryland County.  This is my final segment of the Tales of Dorchester County – nationally recognized, award-winning, fine dining Bistro Poplar in downtown Cambridge Maryland.

Chef Ian Campbell, a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore returned to his hometown in 2007 to open his own restaurant, Bistro Poplar. After working with numerous highly acclaimed chefs at restaurants of renown his resume listed the French Laundry and working with Chef Cindy Wolf.

Chef Campbell is inspired by the simple yet well prepared French bistro cuisine along with his nods to the foods of the Mediterranean and Asia. Of course, seafood from right there from Choptank River plays a prominent role as does produce, dairy and meats from the nearby farms. 

Check out the full story and slideshow HERE.

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Colm Barry said...

Came here to browse your site in search of information about aquaculture and aquaponics and sustainable fish farming as a food source. Found some interesting material. But the above plate reminds me of how once in the late 1970 I went to a "nouvelle cuisine" French restaurant for the first time and, despite several courses, left hungry - everything was a single piece, though delicious, on a big plate that created more holes in my stomach than it filled ...


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