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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ShakeUp Lab shakes up the traditional milkshake

SkakeUp Lab is all about milkshakes but in a modern version. They make their own ice cream which isn’t too sweet and in its low fat version still has the rich mouth feel as the their rich version.  Their concept has been four years in development which started in Israel and gone through research at universities abroad and in the United States. ShakeUp Lab  is  just about ready to launch their soy based and sugar free milkshake options.

Partner “T” Zilberfarb explained, “ ShakeUp Lab milkshakes are a decadent treat that is more nutritious, natural products, the ice cream is enriched with dietary probiotic fiber.”  One can indulge in multiple flavors and combinations.  There are even seasonal flavors to be had like honey apple and apple cake - perfect for the fall season. The standards are there with Oreo cookie being the top seller, strawberry and all the chocolate varieties. Those are some of the standard fare flavor combos but with so many flavor choices at ShakeUp Lab: ie wasabi and green tea, coffee and caramel, salty pecan pie, pomegranate one can have creative license to make their own unique milkshake. As their signage says, “ The best milkshakes in town.”

There are two  locations of ShakeUp Lab found here in Maryland at Towsontown Mall and the Mall in Columbia.  Towsontown has been in place for over a year and the Columbia location will be a year in October. Both locations are templates for future franchised ShakeUp Lab opportunities.

For sure ShakeUp Lab milkshakes aren’t  like the days as a pre-teen working behind the fountain counter at my dad’s patent drug and luncheonette only  offering vanilla and chocolate milkshakes. Who knew from low fat, lactose or gluten intolerance and sugar free in those days.  With ShakeUp Lab, everyone can indulge.

ShakeUp Lab - @ShakeUpLab

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