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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Uber and Amazon take a piece of the restaurant meal delivery pie

Over the past decade or slightly more, there have been different configurations of businesses that use technology to create a delivery and take out program for restaurant food. As technology has progressed, new applications for the consumer to order meals delivered from their local restaurants are appearing. Bloomberg reported, “Burger King Worldwide Inc. (BKW) offers a delivery service with a $10 minimum order in some U.S. cities.” Taco Bell has embraced technology to boost sales with their Order-Ahead app.

Restaurant Hospitality reports that mega giant Amazon is testing out its restaurant delivery program in Seattle, simply called Amazon Local’s takeout and delivery program.  They have the technology and the consumer base, what they don’t do is deliver.  Amazon is a middleman, who takes orders and payments, charging the restaurateur a fee on each order placed. Amazon is not doing the delivery, the restaurant is.  Why would a restaurant tie in with Amazon? What do they put on the plate? They offer qualified, good customers who regularly spend over 80% more money online than regular Internet consumers.

Uber, the ride share company is testing out their program in Los Angeles; Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Westside Los Angeles.  The program, uberFresh, delivers in about 10 minutes by only offering one thing daily from each of the participating restaurants with curbside delivery.  One meal option per restaurant daily, keeps preparation and quality to its optimum. 

The pie that we call restaurant meal delivery is being split into more financial pieces. Established companies like or could be sharing a piece of their “delivery” pie.

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Great post Dara! Quite interesting! What restaurant have you had the best burger? Remember to add it to your Besty List!


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