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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Think lamb with mint chimichurri for Easter or Passover

Photo by American Lamb Board
With snow falling outside today it is hard to believe that spring is only a couple weeks away. Spring is when daffodils and tulips poke their colorful blooms above the soil brightening winter’s grey.  It is also a time when we start thinking about family and friends around the table, gathering for Easter or Passover, when food is centerpiece to the holidays.

The American Lamb Board has come up with a nice twist on the traditional leg of lamb with mint jelly by suggesting a mint chimichurri instead --- You can check out the recipe HERE.   The chimichurri, a mint salsa verde, has a refreshing, piquant flavor profile that brightens the richness of the lamb. The chimichurri can be conveniently made a couple days ahead.  This recipe is a new twist on a traditional holiday main course.

Personally, I prefer American lamb over New Zealand lamb; the flavor profile is less gamey.  Check out the American Lamb Board for additional recipe ideas. 

FYI:  American Lamb is hosting numerous “mouth-watering” lamb events throughout the United States. The next is in Cambridge, Massachusetts where 20 of the top chefs from around New England battle it out for the title of Lamb Jam Boston. It kicks off with grilling techniques and then on to the main event.  General Admission is $60 and VIP is $100.  Order your tickets by March 8th and receive a $10 discount on the general admission and $15 off the VIP.

Other Lamb Jams: Washington DC in May, San Francisco in July and the New York City Lamb Jam Finale – the fall of 2015. 

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