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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chef Ed Kim opens Mi & Yu Noodle Bar

Mi & Yu Noodle Shop reminds me of Tampopo, a 1985 Japanese comedy of many subplots, but at its core, making that perfect bowl of slurpable ramen noodle soups and we aren’t talking those packaged dried noodles with the flavor packets.  One might call Mi & Yu Noodle Shop a Ramen—ya, where ramen is a specialty and the soup reflects the chef’s culinary flair.  Chef Edward Kim has worked months perfecting and creating his own soups, his own culinary spin on the ideal bowl of ramen.  Like other Ramen-ya, this French technique trained Korean-American raised chef has melded his culture and life in each bowl of ramen, especially his spicy kimchi chicken broth.  

Watch the slideshow and read the full story on Federal Hill's hot new restaurant at Examiner . com / Dining

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