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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tip of the Week

Looking for something interesting and fun to do in Baltimore – check out www.CITYPEEK.COM.

Whether you are visiting Baltimore or live here, many of us turn to for the latest on dining, hotels, and city events. Local resident Patti Neumann, CEO of and former concierge extraordinaire, has for a number of years been one of the leading websites for travelers and locals to go to get up-to-date news about our city, New York, Washington, DC, the Shore and Philadelphia.

Recently, Neumann introduced CITYPEEK 2.0 geared to offer more to the locals and travelers with social media aspects of rating restaurants, booking hotel rooms and an interactive blog.

You know I’m all about food and dining is an important factor. There are few sites that offer information on dining and events here in Baltimore and I wanted you to be aware that is one of those sites along with, and CITYPEEK does offer you the inside scoop on restaurants opening, what chefs are working where – the dining scene/gossip.

I asked Ms Neumann to describe CITYPEEK and she replied “ CITYPEEK really helps highlight the region’s natural assets from the view of someone who lives there also those who has visited the area themselves, and these add to the sense of value for those investigating what to do and where to spend their dollars. And, in this economy, you need reliable suggestions. CITYPEEK provides you with a snapshot of the BEST a CITY has to offer allowing visitors to check out other and review their favorites themselves. CITYPEEK is a foodie delight. It hosts some of the top venues in town and allows visitors to easily book tables through their partnership with You can even book hotels worldwide with the same ease as Orbitz or Expedia, no fees!

Updates are current and the widely read e-news is also hosted as a blog. From NYC-DC-Philly, Baltimore and the Shore, CITYPEEK knows how to live like a local

CITYPEEK provides reliable, up-to-date information on some of the BEST
Restaurants, BEST Things To Do, BEST Places To Live and BEST Hotels in Town in an easy-to-read format.”
There are so many great dining events happening in so many of our restaurants, it is hard to be on every restaurant’s e-mail list so my Tip of the Week is to bookmark these sites.
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