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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tom Colicchio and Snapple

A restaurant is where you go to fill your piehole. Is that not a definition of a restaurant? There is so much more we expect from a restaurant; well prepared food, value added pricing, excellent service and a stimulating environment in which to enjoy it all. We all want to be loved and remembered, like the TV series Cheers, where everyone knows your name - we want the “Norm” greeting and to be treated well.

Chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef, a great chef and restaurateur, tells the story of a customer who came into his restauarant with an unusual request. The customer asked the server for Snapple Ice Tea. The server went back to Tom smiling and told him of the customer’s special request. Colicchio took a couple dollars out of his pocket and told the server to go across the street and buy the ice tea. The Snapple beverage was served in a glass; the customer knew he got what he wanted and became a regular. Click HERE for the video.

How about sharing your restaurant raves where the restaurant went the extra mile. Help support my positive mood and I promise to write another story.

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