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Monday, April 07, 2014

Who is AK Stout and why did I have lunch with her?

Don’t let me being a senior fool you; I’m all over the social media thing. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger plus a couple other sites.  It seems everywhere I turn in Social Media lately I see the name AK Stout (@akstout18) giving excellent advice on the latest trends and tribulations in social media. A Towson/Timonium gal, I like her style, the way she explains everything in an easy to understand format and wanted to meet her. What better way, than over food. AK was game; I guess a free lunch with me isn’t so terrible.  She picked one of her favorite restaurants, McFaul’s Ironhorse Tavern out on Cromwell Bridge Road by Loch Raven Reservoir for our tête-à-tête. 

Read the full story, interview and watch the slideshow HERE.

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