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Friday, February 06, 2015

They may be local but their fries are global: The Local Fry is open

Whether you are a French fry aficionado, or not, you need to try The Local Fry’s selection of specialty French fries.  The plain and unadulterated triple fried Idaho potatoes are top-notch, crispy and tasty, but at the newly opened The Local Fry you want to dig into their specialty French fries.  This isn’t just stoner food, the French fries are topped with tasty flavor profiles that are globally inspired: Poutine, Greek, Kimchi Pork, Banh Mi, Buffalo Chicken, Hawaiian, Tonkatsu Curry and the house fries named ‘The Local Fry’ on the blackboard menu are spicy Mexican.

Irishman Kevin Irish and his wife, Elizabeth, an American, met while Elizabeth was traveling in Europe. After the marriage they moved to the United States in 2009.  A trip back to Ireland was the inspiration for The Local Fry, there were just some dishes the couple craved and couldn’t get here. Think Irish chips, which are reminiscent of our French fries, but thicker, usually about 16 fries to an average sized russet potato. The potato is a blank canvas, like pasta and rice it can be topped with almost anything.

Check out the slideshow and full story HERE.

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