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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You could win a restaurant in the Caribbean

Have you thought about opening a restaurant in a tropical Caribbean paradise? Are you good at expressing your passion for food and travel?  If so, here is your opportunity.

In Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, Penny and Jack Williams, the owners of Outback Jack's Beach Bar N Grill, are finally retiring to write their books. Rather than selling their internationally known restaurant, they thought it would be a lot more fun to run an essay contest for someone to win the restaurant.

This might just be the answer for a chef who lacks the dollars but has a heart of a poet and could put into words why they should be the new owners of Outback Jack’s Beach Bar N Grill.  There is a $175 fee per essay – but if you can write, write well, you could be one of the 10 finalist who will receive an all inclusive round trip ticket to Costa Rica for a week.  

Here is information from the press release received:

An easy and fun way to become the owner of an ongoing business

The participants will only have to write an essay of 300 words or less to get a chance to become the happy owner of Outback Jack's Beach Bar N Grill.  The subject is simple: tell why you would like to own the restaurant and live in Paradise in Costa Rica. Essay has to be posted on the dedicated website before December 15th, 2015. The entry Fee is only US$ 175 per essay.

Also a prize will be awarded to the Top ten finalists. It will be a US$ 3000 all inclusive round trip ticket to Costa Rica, for a fun filled week of exciting adventures to end with the announcement of the winning essay during Saturday night festivities. Airfare, accommodation, food, and tropical drinks plus a side trip to Panama are included. The winner gets an ongoing business and can enjoy the beautiful beaches and jungle surroundings.​

A great place to work and live

Outback Jack's Beach Bar N Grill is located just a stone throw from the beautiful Caribbean Sea... This area is a true tropical paradise. It has a unique simplistic lifestyle, surrounded with jungle, palm trees, and wild life in abundance: monkeys, sloth, toucans, jaguars, frogs...
It is a spectacular establishment with great food, a funky vibe, and a fun atmosphere.

Internationally known Outback Jack's Restaurant to win and much more

The Winner does not only get Outback Jack's Beach Bar N Grill, but also a rum, tequila, and beer garden, a fully equipped place, one year lease paid in advance, US$ 10 000 for running expenses, fully trained crew, all licenses and permits in place, and even more come with it.

About the owners and the restaurant

Penelope and Jack Williams have operated the Outback Jack's Beach Bar N Grill for 7 years. They have truly enjoyed running this place. But they now want to take time to write books about all the adventures they have been through all around the world.
It is time for someone to take over.

Website of the contest:

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